Knee Pain

There are a variety of knee injuries and causes of knee pain. Pain in and around the knee joint is very common. At Form Physio and Health we assess and treat knee pain regularly.

Knee injuries range from contact injuries during a sporting activity, or an awkward twist while running or jumping. We see injuries of the muscle and tendons through incorrect loading patterns and over tension of the muscles bellow and above the knee.

Knee pain may also occur over a long period of time and progressively worsen.

It is important to get a clear diagnosis of the causes behind your knee pain to allow us to direct your care effectively.


  • Correct management of knee swelling early on in a knee injury can reduce ongoing pain and progressive decline of stability and muscular activity of the knee
  • Correct offloading and support of a painful knee joint may allow you to keep moving and going to work while preventing the knee injury from worsening
  • The support muscles around the knee often shut down and not work efficiently after a knee injury due to pain and swelling inhibition. Advice on how to keep these muscles active and supportive can make a dramatic difference to the function of your knee
  • Learning how to move correctly with the support of the muscles around your hips and core can dramatically reduce overloading of the knee joint and prevent re injuring your knee

We enjoy caring for knees as with the correct diagnosis and management huge gains in mobility and functioning of your knee can be made.