Strength and Conditioning

Through our Physiotherapy process we will use an expertly designed strength and conditioning process in our customised gym studios to;

  • Gain strength and movement of your injury site increasing its healing and durability
  • Use evidence based rehab protocols for effective injury healing
  • Accelerate and ensure effective movement and strength of your entire body reducing chance of further injur

Clinical 1:1 Strength and Conditioning

  • Working 1:1 with your physio allows us to hone in on the subtleties of your individual movement ensuring correct form and maximising results
  • Programming is individualised to your specific goals
  • Safe progression of exercise ability is ensured
Clinical Group 1:3 Strength and Conditioning
Once you have progressed through your Physiotherapy process, gained confidence with exercise and improved your function your physio will progress you to small group Strength and Conditioning to;

  • Further progress your movement and strength gains
  • Progress your fitness beyond your baseline
  • Stay motivated in a group session
  • Individual programs are used in this setting and evidence based rehab protocols are still featured to maintain results gained from your injury rehab
  • Your physio is able to keep a close eye on your form to ensure safe effective exercise

Clinical Strength and Conditioning FAQ’s

Clinical 1:1 Sessions allow 60 minutes, Cost $65

Clinical small group Sessions are 45 minutes long, Cost $45

For both sessions all you need is a drink bottle and sweat towel and be ready to move