Pilates is used in our Physiotherapy process to;

  • Aid in pain free spinal movement and control
  • Strengthen key stabilising and postural muscles of the pelvis and spine
  • Improve general strength and movement by improving body control and awareness
  • A combination of movement exercises to improve stability and flexibility
  • Improves breathing control and aids in mindfulness
  • Helps strengthen pelvic floor and control (pre and post-natal)
  • Uses techniques that focus on core stability and movement control

Clinical 1:1 Pilates
Early on in your Physiotherapy treatment process pilates are one on one with our trained Physiotherapist to;

  • Accelerates learning and progress
  • Allows you to move and progress at your own pace
  • Ensures correct technique and form improving injury healing and maximising benefits

Clinical Group 1:3 Pilates
Once you have gained confidence and progress with 1:1 Pilates and progressed with your treatment plan we encourage the participation in small group Pilates to;

  • Progress your spinal and pelvic control and strength
  • Progress your movement efficiency
  • Stay motivated in a group environment
  • Your program is still individually tailored to you and updated and progressed as needed
  • You still work closely with the Physiotherapist with this small number to ensure correct form

Clinical Pilates FAQ’s

Clinical 1:1 Sessions allow 60 minutes, Cost $65

Clinical small group Sessions are 45 minutes long, Cost $45

For both sessions all you need is a drink bottle and sweat towel and be ready to move